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Давай готовь очередной killbit

Сука, ты новый g, когда там новый фит?

Если ебало кишит, нахуй ваши щи

У нас есть куча причин вас переключить

Давай готовь очередной killbit

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Lil' Wayne - Inside (Текст песни)

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[Lil' Wayne talking]
I came back around, I came back around, I came back around
The Carter muthafucka
Right now we still in the kitchen man
You checkin out them bitches booties right (I know)
Yea, but lets move on man, I got plenty more house to shoe to show you man
Plenty mo Carter to give you
You know, let's go man

Now let me show you upstairs
Got the glass house floor to let me know who up there
Look down and you see your reflection
You ain't gotta know who down here
You just know you protected
Hey man, how I don't know you connected
Here's a little more fiend let me see you inject it
That's right little wode respect this
Understand me or get 'cha mammy a death wish
Part one, part two, part three
All the parts of "Godfather" all a part of me
If you, look to the wall ya' see
A few, gagged up, tied up scared pricks
Got 'em, facin the wall like they was on "Blair Witch" (yea)
I ain't, chasin' at all but it get scary 'bout my chips
And in here is where I keep the bricks
Acknowledge lil' marley in the hallway
He got the clips

[Lil' Wayne talking]
Don't shoot 'em Marley (yea)
This my lil' dude marley man
He hold me down, know what I'm talking 'bout
I'll show you the rest of the house later man
You wait right here, I be back

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Биография Рем Дигга

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