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Этот странный мир, этот странный мир

Меня поглотит.

Я опять один, посреди пути, словно выживший баттла тип.

Этот странный мир, будто адский трип.

Меня зажал в тиски.

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Вадяра Блюз - Будущие Мамы (Текст песни, Слова песни)

И понять давно пора,
Мы читаем прошлое, наблюдая шрамы
Глазами будущих ли отцов
Смотрят на себя со стороны будушие мамы

Johnyboy – Спонсор (Текст песни, слова песни)

Ее спонсор, ее спонсор
Этот тот, кто в любой момент пробьет для нее дозу
Колес-кокса, хочет колес-кокса
Все свои желания она за ночь всосет носом

Дима Карташов - Громкое молчание (Текст песни, Слова песни)

Не молчи, не молчи
Для меня ты молчишь слишком громко
В твоем молчание столько слов, что
Понимаю все, не услышав ни сколько

Lil' Wayne - I'm at war (Текст песни)

(I'm at war)
Fightin' for the one that I love and the one that I truly need
(I'm at war)
Shawty I take a bullet for you girl cause you mean the world to me
(I'm at war)

Lil' Wayne - Intro (Da Drought 3) [This is Why I'm hot freestyle by MIMS] (слова песни)

Uh... Hello... New mixtape bitch... Is called Da Drout 3 [laughs]...
Yeah... This was supposed to be the intro, but uhm...
I guess I'm a gonna uhm... Do what ya'll came here for...

Lil' Wayne - In the Booth (Текст песни)

Wen a nigga got money nd he ballin out
Wat dat Boyz worst fear
Fear of tha Drought
Wen tha block run dry nd tha work run out
But do we have fear
We got tha Drought

Lil' Wayne - It`s Good (Текст песни)

(You who are rich and whose troubles are few)
(May come around to see my point of view)
(What price the crown of the king on his throne?)
(When you’re chained in the dark all alone)

Lil' Wayne - King Kong Freestyle (Текст песни)

I pop my trunk and everybody get to running,
the "fireman" bitch like my body in the oven.
I'm one egg short, I'm just tryin to get a dozen.
My name like honey, it got all the bitches buzzing.
The neck of the barrel is so long and narrow,
and it shoot a bunch, you just lunchin and munching like Farrel.
Bloodshot eye's on the sparrow,
I stay high, but on-point like an arrow.
Street nigga baby Im in love with the gravel,
money gives me life like the man with the gavel
I'm straped at home, I'm strapped when i travel
I pop my trunk and make the bitches spread like cattle

Lil' Wayne - Jump Jiggy (Текст песни, слова песни)

Jump, jiggy, jiggy, jump, jiggy, jump, jump,
Jiggy, jump, jiggy, jiggy, jump, jiggy, jump, jive
Jump, jiggy, jiggy, jump, jiggy, jump, jump,
Jiggy, jump, jiggy, jiggy, jump, jiggy, jump, jive

Lil' Wayne - Kobe Bryant (Текст песни)

He’s the best player in the game,it’s just that simple,theirs nothing that Kobe can’t do,he will defend your best player,he will shoot from the perimeter,he will get all in your mug,he will do whatever it takes,he is the most complete basketball player in the game today,ball or not,he has an assassin mentality,I said this weeks,I said this when the trade went down,and I’ll repeat it again,who starvin more, for an NBA World Championship,more than Kobe Bryant,there is no one,this guy is HOLLYWOOD,”What separates Kobe from the pack.”,More than Kobe Bryant,there is no one.

Lil' Wayne - Knuck if You Buck Freestyle (Текст песни)

Young mane for President
I'll probably paint the white house black if it was my residence
Bush back in office some niggas feel that's irrelevant
Cuz they still pedalin’ this medicine but anyway anyday

Lil' Wayne - Know What I'm Doin' (feat. Birdman,Rick Ross & T-Pain) (Текст песни)

[Chorus - T-Pain - 2X]
Yeah (I got the shoes wit' the matchin' fit check)
Yeah (I got them jewels lookin' phat around my neck)
Yeah (Take a picture) Click click
(Take a picture) click click
(Check me out!) Yeah I know what I'm doin'


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